Going live on a cloud ERP solution can feel exciting and promising, however you will certainly need OUR guidance to get you to the “promised land”

  • With our Guide = a “clear path” through the Cloud
    With our Guide = no “dead end”
    With our Guide = no “thunderstorms”
    With our Guide = you will have “teamwork”
    With our Guide = you will have “certainty and success”

We are your experienced Guides in the Cloud!

Client Relationships

  • Park Hill Collection
  • Magnolia Market
  • Stumptown Coffee
  • Precision Conversions
  • Quinault Indian Nation
  • Sportsmith
  • The Décor Group
  • Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Pacific Cataract & Laser
  • Dotster, Inc.
  • 100% Cloud Based

We specialize in 100% cloud-based business applications, strategic consulting services, application development and coding. We use the latest cloud technologies along with the development of the right mindset of your human capital resources to accomplish user adoption.

This will optimize operations, personal development and business success. Our team of Guides is dedicated to a smooth completion of every project that you depend on to run your business. We are constantly seeking new opportunities to enhance our service offerings, consulting services and support

  • Onsite Guides

ERP solutions are complex and at times confusing. It has only become more challenging now that we have moved from “on-premises solutions” to “the cloud”. That is again where our guidance is needed the most. We come onsite. We operate from the belief that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

This idea of providing onsite guides as professional consultants requires us to gather together the best NetSuite guides available. We need driven experts that shared our beliefs in the new science of Human Capital Transformation

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  • Our Culture

In today’s culture of disposable relationships and the belief that cheaper is better Consulting Heights provides the environment where people are valued and long lasting relationship are prioritized. We believe that true relationships take work and commitment. That is why we operate our business from the formula: H+H=C, Honesty + Humility = Certainty.

We take time to understand and appreciate the true needs of our prospects and clients and their desired outcomes. We always put your best interests ahead of our own. We can assure you that our strength and passion comes from building a strong connection with our clients

  • What clients say

Jim R

Center for Sustainable Energy

man, I love you guys

Bob F

Center for Sustainable Energy

I am so glad you guys are here

Herren H

Park Hill Collection

Our company was on the edge of inventory chaos and you guys saved the day

Todd B

Park Hill Collection

you guys really know NetSuite

Mike D

The Décor Group

Consulting Heights is about simple Native NetSuite solutions wherever possible

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