• Why Consulting Heights?

  • We have been working in the cloud since Al Gore invented the Internet. Seriously, we have been working with companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, HP, Java and Oracle even before NetSuite created NetLedger. In 1982, when we saw applications like Lunar Landing and Visacalc we knew the business world was in for a quantum leap. We have been seasoned by time and have experiences to provide you with exhaustive services and support. We have owned an Internet company, a CLEC (private telephone company), a computer store and a professional services consulting company for more than 30 years.

  • Our Vision

  • Our team is dedicated to being on site with you discovering cloud applications and integrative services. Security? We were early adopters of 2-factor authentication. Performance? Speed is money! It is our goal to make your business make you money while
    making your Human Resources loving life.

  • Our Mission

  • We promise to use our years of application, systems and IT infrastructure knowledge to deliver that latest innovations in cloud technologies. We will deploy options that deliver a truly innovative cloud experience and will continue to develop new ideas and solutions in the years to come.

  • Our Goal

  • “We make all our clients Raving Fans of NetSuite!”


  • Who Are We?

    • We are Curious: While curiosity may have "killed the cat" it makes us better at finding the best solution for our clients
    • We love asking Questions: Discovery is our most important activity
    • We love to Learn about NetSuite: "NetSuite is #1 ERP in the cloud trusted by more than 40,000 organizations. That means that NetSuite is bigger than any one business and requires a continued commitment to learning the power of NetSuite!
    • We Visit our Clients: We don't believe in long distance relationships!
    • We have Experience: We have decades of ERP business experience!
    • We have Success: We have more than 100 ERP successful go-lives and optimizations!

  • Our 6-D process

  • 01

  • Trusted friends

    We value our clients and recognize them as trusted friends.

  • 02

  • Time and Security

    We respect the importance of their time, sensitive of their security and their comfort.

  • 03

  • Be Positive

    We realize the value that positive response, positive action and positive intentions will have an impact on our client’s lives.

  • 04

  • People of Faith

    We are people of faith. Our belief requires us to operate from a servant leadership position.

  • 05

  • People of our Word

    We are people of our word. We promise to be accountable for our words and actions.

  • 06

  • Learning is our passion

    We are people that love to learn. We promise to continue to educate ourselves so we can offer solutions as soon as they are available.

  • We Have

  • 100+

    Projects Completed

  • 70+

    Happy Clients

  • 3


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