• As many business people know, but few admit, business as old unsustainable single bottom line mindset of profit at any price isn’t working…we have to do something different! Having the right mindset is essential to achieving desired business results as well as real and sustainable performance improvement. A common condition found in many businesses is when a conscious or stated intent, goal or commitment is incongruent with one or more beliefs embedded in the subconscious mind. In such cases, self-limiting beliefs of individual, organization or society can undermine effectiveness – particularly in areas like leadership, creativity and risk taking and communication, collaboration and team alignment.

    Contemporary neuroscience tells us that at least 95% of the time our thoughts and behaviors are generated from subconscious level of the mind and are therefore below the level of our conscious awareness! This means that most people are running their lives on “auto-pilot.”  Just as computer software becomes outdated over time, so do subconscious beliefs. Unfortunately, most
    of these subconscious programs are outdated and even harmful to us, personally and professionally. The good news is that these outdated programs can be “rewritten,” just as software can be updated in your computer.

    Consulting Heights has to offer the very unique process called PTP (Performance Transformation Process) that enables individuals and businesses to achieve a high level of performance and turn awareness and right mindset into long lasting results.
    PTP include the combination of two empowering and effective processes well known in nowadays neuroscience and energy psychology – PSYCH-K and EFT. One of the unique benefits of this process is that by adding just two simple steps to a traditional change management process, it’s possible to achieve much more.

What We Do?

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    Traditional change management involves 4 steps:

    1. Identifying the problem

    2. Defining the solution

    3. Creating a plan of action

    4. Executing the plan

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    PTP process there are 6 steps:

    1. Identifying the problem

    2. Defining the solution

    3. Clarifying beliefs necessary to support the desired result

    4. Establishing those beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind

    5. Creating a plan of action

    6. Executing the plan


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